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Listing Type   Description of Listing   Price
Basic Listing   Name and Industry (ie Joel Kamenoff / landscaper - ask Joel for details)   Free
Upgraded Listing 1   Name, company, and picture (sports oriented or business oriented)   $20 / month
Upgraded Listing 2   Name, company, phone number and email address   $25 / month
Upgraded Listing 3   Name, company, phone number, email address and website   $50 / month
Upgraded Listing 4   All the above, plus direct link to website   $75 / month
Upgraded Listing 5   All the above will be moved out of the directory and featured on active page   $100 / month

Intro special
Pay for 6 months and get the last month free. Pay 12 months upfront and get the last two months free.
Buy 10 months and get 12. This will not last long as space is limited.

Statistics of traffic to site is included monthly to anyone with an upgraded listing.

Want to know more? Call or email JerseyJoel now at eaglesjoel@gmail.com or (239) 560-2598

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